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    Teacher discount

    Aalbanese · 0 · Posted

    Hi - I'm trying to apply for a teacher discount (tried several times) but no one has contacted me and it's been over 3 weeks.  I would really love to purchase the upgrade with the teacher discount.  Please help!!!  Thank you!

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    Question about pricing

    Aalbanese · 0 · Posted

    Hi - I'm looking to contact someone in regards to pricing...please e-mail me back.  Thank you!

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    Is there a way to organize the videos in folders?

    Cynthia Attanasio · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    I would like to be able to organize the videos into subject-specific folders, but I do not see an option to create folders.

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    I paid for Premium, but not allowing me to use

    Susan Sellers · 1 · Last reply by Alexander Donskikh

    I enrolled in your premium service, but it won't allow me to load more than the 20 videos that I loaded previously.  HELP!  I'm also a teacher and want the teacher discount, but for tonight I just want to finish the project I'm working on.  Thank you.

    Thank you,

    Susan Sellers

    Sharon Elementary, Forsyth BOE

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    How do I get the videos to work?

    Daniel Clark · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    When I put in the video link it says "The media could not be load, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported"  and the videos did work but then I just started getting this and now the videos don't work. 

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    Have audio but have a black screen?

    Shelly McCusker · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Links are working but screens are black while audio is running on them. I am a premium holder too. 

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    Kathy Macomber · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    I am a teacher at a school and I have always used Safe Share free of charge.  Now, it is not letting me use it for more than 20 links or it says I have to pay $99.99 a month???

    I thought it was free for teachers?  Some of my links that I generated for other years are still working, though.  I don't understand.  There has been a lot of work put into this and now all the links are gone for all my month read aloud files and all my letter files.

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    Ipads suddenly not loading

    mike · 3 · Last reply by Diogo Alves


    In the last 2 weeks I started getting reports that was not working.  After a lot of diigging I've whitelisted the domain on both our firewall and filtering.  I still cannot get the site to come up or qr codes to work.

    Safari just blinks and then displays a blank page, with nothing in the url box.

    Any thoughts?

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    Combined Catholic Church and School Account?

    Lauren March · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    I work for a Catholic church which has a catholic school attached to it. We would like to have one premium account, for both the school and church to use,  with the educational discount. Is this possible?


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    institution pricing

    Andrea Weimer · 0 · Posted

    My School is looking into purchasing safeshare accounts for staff. The question they posed is that is the license by staff member, or is there a institutional pricing for the whole school to access? Thank you

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    Parent Limit Reached

    Michelle · 1 · Last reply by Alexander Donskikh

    I have uploaded a video to safe share, but a pop up appears stating, " parent limit reached."  I didn't set any controls, so I'm not sure why this is happening.  Can someone explain?

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    Mary Riebe · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Is it true I am now limited to 20 safeshare videos unless I pay a monthly fee? I am a teacher and unfortunately,there isn't extra money in the budget. If I am limited now, guess we will just watch the youtube and pray nothing inappropriate comes up. I am just confused because I have a coworker with hundreds of safeshare and she isn't paying. Do I need to change something on my account? Would love any input you can give.

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    How can I see all of my playlist when I have more than 20 videos in a play list?

    Dianne · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Google folder with PNGs I can add more than 20 videos to a playlist but then can't see them to be able to move them around in a different play order. I can see the additional videos when I'm in play mode, but that doesn't help my need to rearrange the videos.

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    Ccrusoe · 0 · Posted

    If I were to purchase the premium would there be advertisements at the bottom?

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    QR codes are not opening on my iPads

    Paul · 0 · Posted

    QR codes are not opening on my iPads. The following messages appear: “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported, there is also the letter X below the text" This only happen on the iPads, I used QR codes on chrome books and Windows 10 computers and it work fine.

    typing in the url doesn't work also.

    Need help with this issue


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    SSL Error with QR Codes

    Tony · 0 · Posted

    I'm getting an SSL error on iPads when I scan from a QR code, opening with

    Safari doesn't change anything and I've whitelisted*

    anything I can do about this?

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    Premium Status

    Kgober · 0 · Posted


    I recently got billed for the premium status, yet when I try to add a Safeshare to my account a message pops up saying that I need to upgrade. 

    Can someone let me know what's going on? Thanks.

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    Kristin Kennedy · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Is there any way to get rid of subtitles/captions or make that the default setting on my account? I know that you can manually turn them off by clicking the cc button, but that is difficult for younger students to figure out and I would love to be able to set it that way so that when I share it with them, the subtitles are disabled. Please let me know if there is a way to do this. I tried editing it and then re-sharing it after I turned off the subtitles, but they still showed up.