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    Teacher discount

    Aalbanese · 0 · Posted

    Hi - I'm trying to apply for a teacher discount (tried several times) but no one has contacted me and it's been over 3 weeks.  I would really love to purchase the upgrade with the teacher discount.  Please help!!!  Thank you!

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    Question about pricing

    Aalbanese · 0 · Posted

    Hi - I'm looking to contact someone in regards to pricing...please e-mail me back.  Thank you!

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    Create up to 20 SafeViews: Free account question

    Todd Funasaki · 2 · Last reply by Aalbanese

    Does this mean up to 20 SafeViews total...or additional 20 per each month?

    If the latter, if i delete SafeViews to less than 20, can I create new ones?

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    Whole School Purchase

    Nburke · 0 · Posted

    I sent an email weeks back about the cost for our school to purchase SafeShare and was given a discount of $4.99.  But it didn't indicate if that would be the cost per teacher...which is what I would assume, but the email eludes to the link being for only person.  I need to purchase this for various teachers so do we all need separate links?  How are we billed for this?

    Also, can we purchase 6 and use them for multiple teachers-for example, we have two teachers in every grade and need SafeShare for 3-8 grade, therefore can we just