Common Problems

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    I tried to create a safe view with and it said I can not view it on this domain. Any ideas.

    Christopher Fields · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves


    Tried to post to make a safeview and the screen said I can view the video on this domain.


    Thank you.

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    Skipping in Videos

    Genevieve Yoder · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    I am worried that I will not be able to use Safeshare any longer because the ability to skip to a further time within a video is not possible.  If it moves at all, it goes backwards.  Please fix this issue!

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    No sound

    Lisa Garnett · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Good Morning, I am a Media Specialist in an Elementary School in Manalapan, NJ. I downloaded the QR scanner on iPads, scanned The Enormous Potato, but it doesn't read aloud. If I copy the link in Safari, it opens. The same happens with other books.

    Any ideas?

    Lisa Garnett

    Wemrock Brook School

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    Offensive Content

    Yvonne Aldaco · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    I am trying to add kindness videos from youtube for a class meeting. It will not let me upload the videos becuase of offensive content. The videos I am trying to upload are not offensive. I've been able to add videos from vinemo, but youtube is a no go. This one is the only video I need that is not available on vinemo. Please help!


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    All my Safeshare links have stopped working

    Anthony Creagh · 2 · Last reply by Anthony Creagh

    Every single one of my safeshare videos stopped working about one or two weeks ago. I am gutted. I'm getting messages similar to this:

    Unable to load this YT video: Please check and try again. 404

    I could list them all if necessary.

    Please help! Lots of sad 8 years and frustrated teachers.

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    Offensive Content Warning but video is not offensive

    Cristian · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Hi, I'm trying to make a safeshare link for the following video: I am getting the message that say"offensive content warning," but the video is not offensive. How can I get this to work?

    Thanks in advances!


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    Stopped working on iPads

    Raquel Rand · 2 · Last reply by Raquel Rand

    Hi, I created ipad shortcuts to some vids and they use to work but no longer but they do work on the computers with the same link. I tried just going through Safari or Google Chrome and nothing. Is it an iOS issue? I'm running 10.1.1.  Here is a sample of a link.



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    closed captioning not converting from youtube to SafeShare

    Matt Mathews · 0 · Posted

    The closed captioning feature is not working after conversion from youtube to SafeShare. What's the procedure to enable CC on the copied Safe Share video? The youtube videos in question have a functioning closed captioning feature. It doesn't seem to copy over to the SafeShare copy, though. As mentioned previously, CC is a valuable learning tool.   Thanks. 

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    blank screen with sad face image?

    williamst · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Been using safe share for year, today when my students clicked on the video link, they got the safe share viewing window, but inside the viewing screen which was white, there was a small thumbnail image a document symbol (looks like a piece of paper with the right corner folded) with a "sad face" in it.

    Went back and tried some video links that were working last week and same issue. We also tried different browsers with no success.

    We tried a students phone and the video worked.

    These are school issued laptops that run through our school server.


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    SafeShare will no longer generate link

    Denise Moore · 3 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    I used SafeShare all of last school year with no problems, but this year I cannot generate a link. 

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    iPads scan to white screen

    Danette Hickey · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    When we try to use our iPads to read a QR Code, only a blank screen comes up. Our tech department has determined that the site is being blocked due to web proxy content. How can we fix this issue?

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    This video is restricted from being viewed on this domain.

    Ben · 2 · Last reply by Jotrui707

    I am getting this error message for all of my safe share videos this afternoon.  Earlier today, they were working fine in my class.  This is a valuable site and, as a teacher, I really rely on it to show videos in a safer way -- but the inconsistency in service is a problem.  

    Here are 2 of the video links that are not working now:

    I already tried the "?clean=1" fix -- but no luck.  

    Any idea why this happened and how to fix it?

    Thank you.

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    all the urls keep saying this video has offensive content but i know that they don't.

    Dakota Gwyn · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

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    QR Codes not playing video on iPads

    Jennifer Moore · 3 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Here is an example of one of the links that will not open on iPads. It opens on Macbooks and iPhones, but not iPads.


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    Video is restricted from viewing in this domain issue

    Sara Malchow  · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Hi there, I just uploaded a couple of Mother's Day videos that our first graders created and when I enter the url, I can see the cover image but as soon as I click play, I get a black screen that says "This video is restricted from being viewed in this domain" Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. This is happening with both videos that I have uploaded in the past several days. Here is the link to one of them. I also tried adding the "?clean=1" to the end of the url which also did not work

    Thanks for

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    In Progress

    Media Not Found

    Stemp 33 · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    All of my QR codes are showing "no compatible source was found for this media" I used them last week, but now they are al showing this with a big x. Please help

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    SafeShare Not Working. (please reply)

    Flower Pop · 2 · Last reply by Flower Pop

    So I use SafeShare all the time. But for some reason every time I put in a link and it takes me to the video and when i click on the video.....nothing happens. I tried this on multiple videos, all of them were kid-friendly and still nothing. I can even see the cover of the video. But i can't watch it. Can you please fix this error? It will really help me if you do. 

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    i can't create another playlist even though i have deleted my previous one

    Rory Amos · 1 · Last reply by Alexander Donskikh

    i deleted my previous playlist to create a new one but i can not create it

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    Video isn't cropping

    Mary Ellen Davies · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves


    I've tried to crop a video using your website but, when I hit submit, the video is not cropped at all.  I've tried this with multiple videos.  Is there an issue with your website right now?

    Thank you, Mary Ellen Davies