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    Enable original video title in url web previews

    Manzoor Wani · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves


    I'm a huge fan of SafeShare and I love it. I am a developer and use it via API. One suggestion I would like to give is that when a SafeShare link of a video is shared on social networks, you know that they generate a preview of the link. But in case of SafeShare, the preview title is not the video title, rather it's the description of the SafeShare services. For example when sharing on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. it shows and then its description, while it should be the actual title of the video.

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    Please remove videos from your webpage.

    Gord Holden · 9 · Last reply by Gord Holden

    So glad to see you folks back up and running. The lack of a link to YouTube is a blessing. As a teacher, the point of using is to be able to share good videos without exposing the students to negative videos on Youtube. Now...why are you allowing recent videos to show on Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Please, please drop the videos. You would be the BEST resource of this kind for the educational market place if you do this. Thanks for your kind consideration of this request.

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    You are welcome to share your ideas

    Ken DV · 0 · Posted
    Feel free to suggest improvements to our product or service. Users can discuss your suggestion and vote for and against it. We'll look at it, too.