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    API Stopped Working!

    Manzoor Wani · 2 · Last reply by Manzoor Wani

    After the recent upgrade of the website, API now asks for authorization. How to do that? When are you going to update the API documentation?

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    Google slides

    Hayley Dupuy · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves


    I hadn't used SafeShare in a couple of months and returned today to find that things had changed. Before, it was so easy to create a video then pop it into a Google Slide show for my classroom. Now, I have no idea how to do that. When I copy the link for my video, it won't work in Google.  Can you help?



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    All QR Codes linked to Safeshare videos stopped working suddenly

    Eberry15 · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Similar to what other people have reported, every single one of the Safeshare videos I have collected as QR codes in a listening center have suddenly stopped working.  When you scan them, they open with a "Whoops! We can't seem to find the page you're looking for" message. They all stopped working sometime over the past few days.  Here is an example: I double checked and the video is still available on Youtube.  Please help and thanks!! 

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    I just opened SafeShare to find that everything has changed. :-0 Is there a tutorial to help those of us who are used to the original version? Thanks for ALL you do.

    Karen Harris · 0 · Posted

    I just opened SafeShare to find that everything has changed. :-0    Is there a tutorial to help those of us who are used to the original version?  Thanks for ALL you do.

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    Copyright Credit for a video

    Joshhunt22 · 0 · Posted

    If I would like to use some of the wording in a video, how would I go about providing copyright credit??

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    All my Safeshare links have stopped working

    Anthony Creagh · 2 · Last reply by Anthony Creagh

    Every single one of my safeshare videos stopped working about one or two weeks ago. I am gutted. I'm getting messages similar to this:

    Unable to load this YT video: Please check and try again. 404

    I could list them all if necessary.

    Please help! Lots of sad 8 years and frustrated teachers.

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    My qr codes stopped working

    K Grismore · 4 · Last reply by K Grismore

    I use qr codes so my students can link to safe share videos but now none of them are working. What would cause them to all stop working at once? 

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    QR codes not working

    Luv2harp · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    I have a lot of QRs that direct through safeshare. I've had issues a few times in the past few years where they have all stopped working and they eventually (an hour or even a day or two later) start working. This is different. It seems it is mostly older QR codes. Only about 90% of those are working. The codes that were created more recently all work. It gives me this 404 message of "Unable to load this YT video (link) Please check and try again. One time I did get a message of safeshare not working so I

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    QR codes no longer work

    Sharonamolo · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    All the QR codes I made and am now scanning are coming ups with an error message. When I go to  the original YouTube video the link still works. Here is an example, original YouTube link  Original Safe Share conversion link I received over a year ago turned into a QR code The error message I receive when scanning the QR code Unable to load this YT video:  How do I fix this?

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    Links don't work

    Joannanjeff · 0 · Posted

    Unable to load this YT video:
    Please check and try again.

    They worked yesterday!

    Please help!!

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    API truncates the multibyte characters in title creating Incorrect string values

    Manzoor Wani · 1 · Last reply by Manzoor Wani


    Today I was trying to create a safeshare link for a YouTube video with ID bPc_TfGOGkg using the API, but I got this error

    Since it says

    it looks like it's due to the title being unusually truncated without taking care of the multibyte characters resulting in incorrect strings.

    I tried using directly (non API), but it did not create the link for this video.

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    Why can`t creat a safeshare link

    Gared425 · 0 · Posted

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    Chrome extension

    Dustin Wilcock · 2 · Last reply by Dustin Wilcock

    Have you thought of creating a Chrome extension? You could have a SafeShare button in the browser tool bar. When viewing the video you want to share on YouTube or Vimeo, just click the SafeShare button. The link gets created (copy/paste, etc.) with one click!

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    Stephanie Hall · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    I used SafeShare to crop a video to be shown to children.  I generated the SafeShare version.  Once played back, the cropping disappeared.

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    Save Media feature does not seem to be working...

    Karen Harris · 0 · Posted

    Following the usual way I do this.... I get an error message and/or a timed out message when trying to download a video.

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    closed captioning not converting from youtube to SafeShare

    Matt Mathews · 0 · Posted

    The closed captioning feature is not working after conversion from youtube to SafeShare. What's the procedure to enable CC on the copied Safe Share video? The youtube videos in question have a functioning closed captioning feature. It doesn't seem to copy over to the SafeShare copy, though. As mentioned previously, CC is a valuable learning tool.   Thanks. 

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    SafeShare link not playing on iPads

    nathaniel howard · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves


    A teacher I work with has been unable to get the following link to play on her students' iPads:

    It plays normally on our MacBooks and it played fine on my iPhone, however the iPads will load up the SafeShare video player, but the video itself will not start after clicking the play button and will just sit at a black screen.

    The iPads being used are Airs running iOS 10.2, and the video link has been tested in Chrome and in Safari with the same results.

    Thanks for your assistance!


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    Video links open viewer window but video won't load.

    Linda Swenson · 6 · Last reply by nathaniel howard

    I am trying to solve a issues affecting some of our 3rd graders ability to view SafeShare videos.  This problem  only started to occur last week.  The students have iPad Airs running 10.3.2.  When the students click on the URL link the teacher has shared out to them, they get to a viewer, sometimes it looks like it's trying to load, but then just sits there.  I have tried hard reboots, updating the app through which they share the links (Schoology) and even tried appending the "?clean=1" though our filters do not block Youtube.  Here is one of the videos

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    blank screen with sad face image?

    williamst · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Been using safe share for year, today when my students clicked on the video link, they got the safe share viewing window, but inside the viewing screen which was white, there was a small thumbnail image a document symbol (looks like a piece of paper with the right corner folded) with a "sad face" in it.

    Went back and tried some video links that were working last week and same issue. We also tried different browsers with no success.

    We tried a students phone and the video worked.

    These are school issued laptops that run through our school server.