SafeShare has just got a facelift !

Hi all ! :-)

We've just changed a lot of stuff on SafeShare.

What do you think? Is it better than it was before? What would you change?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Diogo Alves @ SafeShare.TV

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Thanks Diogo, yes it's working now thank you.


Thanks for the feedback!

I am unable to see the bottom controls. I've been using Internet Explorer, the same browser since last year. Had NO problems with this until now.

Hi Tony,

Would you please create a private ticket via ? I'd like you to test something out.

Best Regards,

Diogo Alves @ SafeShare

Clear my notebooks cache? What do you mean??

I'm not sure how your device/software works exactly, but there should be a setting which allows you to clear the cache.

If you use a regular browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, are you able to see the bottom controls?

I use the links via Smart notebook. I tried changing the v to x; still nothing.

Have you tried to clear your notebook's cache?

We really need you to try to clear your cache first.

Yes. I used Safeshare last year with a Windows computer and never had this issue. My current machine is a desktop; I had a laptop last year in a different school district.

When visiting the SafeShare website, would you please press CTRL + F5 so it refreshes the website cache? Then try watching one of your SafeViews. 

Alternatively, please change your SafeShare's links from /v/ to /x/ and let me know if that worked. For example: ->

Nope, still the same with no bottom controls.

Hi Tony,

Are you using a Windows computer?

Please clean your browser's cache before attempting to load the videos again.

Alternatively, please change your SafeShare's links from /v/ to /x/. For example: ->


Why is the bottom of my video cut off so I can't see the controls?  They are all ending up like this.  I can't scroll to a time.  Thank you. Here is an example:

Ditto, Terri.

How will Safeshare rectify this??

Dear Terri and Tony,

Would you please check now?

My videos are working now.  Any new videos I try to make seem to be working too.  Thank you so much. 

Hi Terry,

Thanks for the update.

Please do not hesitate to add another topic here in case you run into any issue. We're doing our best to solve them.

Best Regards,

Diogo Alves @ SafeShare

When I put this safe share address into the qrstuff site to create a qr code to bring up this lesson, it only brings up a blank black screen on safe share but doesn't open the video clip ( originally from youtube)

We found it to work on iPhone, but not iPad.  If we select the blue button under the video we can then watch at least, but for very young children it's an extra step.  

Dear Caroline,

Which version of iOS are the iPads using?

I am using 9.3.4, but have tried on previous versions also.

Hi Caroline,

Would you please try again and let me know the outcome? It should be working now.

Here's one clip with the no full screen option.

Some of my videos do not have the full screen option anymore and the bottom part of the video is cut off while playing. Help! What to do? :(

Hi Tony,

I've already replied you in the topic posted by you: .

I had no problem putting a safeshare address into qrstuff to create safe youtube clips for my students.  Now it suddenly is not working.  Scanning the qr code just takes me to safeshare's black screen; no video starts.


Can you please send me one of these QR codes, or the safeshare address that it leads to?

Videos are not loading, we only get audio & a black screen?

Hi Caroline,

Can you send me the URL of one of these videos?