doesn't work!!

Now that SafeShare.TV has this 'new look' as of today, it doesn't work.  It was working fine this morning, with the old look.  When you put a youtube address in and press generate SafeShare link, nothing happens :(

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Dear Desiraye,

Can you please confirm whether this issue is still hapenning or not?

Well, today I discovered that the website works fine from my home PC.  I can copy a YouTube video address, paste it into SafeShare, and then I am able to save and get the link.   However, on my iPad, which is where I am used to working, creating QR codes that will take my students to the SafeShare videos, that is when I receive the error page.  Not sure why, but the web address for the same video is different on my ipad vs my PC...So still not working completely. 

Ok. I see. Please try again on ipad 

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!  I am just lost, along with so many other teachers who use the site to keep kids safe on internet.   nope, same thing, still not working.

Can you provide me a screen shot or a pintura/photo for your device? 

Is there an email I can send it?  I can't put it here in this comment box...

Dear Desiraye,

We haven't heard from you for a while. Can you please confirm if this issue has been fixed?

I am having the same problem!  The links work on my Android phone, but not on the iPad!!

Hi Courtney,

Would you please provide a sample URL?



Hi Courtney,

Is the issue still occuring?