When I click on submit to generate my safelink, nothing happens. I've used this several times in the past (although not recently), and this has never been an issue. Anything different I can try?

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Thank you!

Did it work?

Yes, it worked, thank you.  I had to do the CTRL + F5 to create a safeshare link just today.  Thanks for the tip.

Hello Nicole,

Would you please send me the URL of the video that you've used to create a SafeView?

Best Regards,

Diogo Alves @ SafeShare



I was able to create a SafeView from that URL. It is http://safeshare.tv/v/ss5702bd85885ca .

Next time you access SafeShare, would you please press CTRL + F5 (simultaneously) and try again?

Best Regards,

Diogo Alves @ SafeShare

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