Does edit = repost?

If I edit a title or description (fix a typo, add a word, etc.), do I need to get a new URL or will the original still work?

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Diogo ~ I did mean editing the title of my SafeView.  I think you've answered my question; thanks!  ~ Tim

Hi Tim,

Sorry for the delay, and you're welcome!

By the way, please note that I said "STILL do not support editing", but this is something that may change in the near future! We're always adding new features to SafeShare.TV, and we hope you'll like them!

Best Regards,

Diogo Alves @ SafeShare

Hi Tim,

On the YouTube video description itself, or in SafeShare's description? If the latter, we still do not support editing title or descriptions after a SafeView has been created.

Best Regards,

Diogo Alves @ Safeshare

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