The "DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO" link--Spyware Free?

I am wondering if the download program that is offered when one clicks on the "Download This Video" button contains any malware or spyware.


I would love to use this program if it is, indeed, safe.


Thank you for this wonderful service you provide. You are improving the education that is available to students. <3

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Hi Karen,

If you click on the "Download this video" button, it'll take you to a website called SaveMedia. You do not need to download any aditional software nor plugin. Simply take a look at the available formats list (on the left), and click on the "Download Video" or "Download Audio" button. The video will then be downloaded.

There will be some advertisement in SaveMedia.com, since as a free product we have to rely on advertisement to cover our expenses, but you do not need to click on it.

We are very pleased to know that SafeShare has made a difference in your work and your students. Thank you for using SafeShare.