Unable to generate safe links.

I have used the site over a dozen times the last few weeks and this morning it won't generate a safe link.  I have tried Chrome and Safari.  I have also been refreshing the window.  Time doesn't seem to resolve the issue either...I've been making an attempt to generate the link for over three hours.  

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The issue has not occurred recently.  Thank you for your response.  

It is no longer an issue.  However, it made me question if I should rely on using safeshare in the future.  Any reason for the error?  Anything I can do in the future to avoid or troubleshoot?

Hi Kimberly,

To be honest, we haven't had any notice of website downtime in the recent past. I believe that you can rely on our service as we've been continuously improving it.

Dear Kimberly,

Sorry for the delay. Can you please confirm if this issue is still occuring?