Video links open viewer window but video won't load.

I am trying to solve a issues affecting some of our 3rd graders ability to view SafeShare videos.  This problem  only started to occur last week.  The students have iPad Airs running 10.3.2.  When the students click on the URL link the teacher has shared out to them, they get to a viewer, sometimes it looks like it's trying to load, but then just sits there.  I have tried hard reboots, updating the app through which they share the links (Schoology) and even tried appending the "?clean=1" though our filters do not block Youtube.  Here is one of the videos not playing:  https://safeshare.tv/x/ss59355b1d8a4a5  This seems to be affecting about half the classes and only on the iPads.  The links will play on our iMacs or MacBook Pros.  Your thoughts?


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I just retried initial video link I was running into issues with (https://safeshare.tv/x/ss56997d7da5dbd) and it's now playing the video normally!

Thanks for your super speedy response to this bug, we really appreciate it!

Edit: It looks like the video isn't playing again - I imagine you're still tweaking things on your end, my apologies for the early report!

Hi Nathaniel,

Yes, we're still tweaking a few things on our end.

Can you retry https://safeshare.tv/x/ss56997d7da5dbd on the iPads and let me know if the videos are playing?

Hey Diogo,

Just retried the video link and it's currently playing correctly on my test iPad with sound in both Safari and Chrome.

Awesome! Can you try with other links you might have and see if they all play?

Just tested another link (https://safeshare.tv\x\ss593596158713e) and it's still working! Video plays with sound on both Chrome and Safari.

Great! I'm glad it's working now.

Please DO let me know if this issue happens again.

Definitely, thanks again for all your help!

Also want to mention that some of the iPads will play the video, but no sound ... but sound will work from other websites.

Hi Linda,

Is https://safeshare.tv/x/ss59355b1d8a4a5 and other links you might have playing on iPads now? If so, are they with or without sound?

If any of them plays without sound, please send me the links so I can investigate.


Hi Diogo,

I just hopped over from my other thread at http://vitzo.helprace.com/i273-safeshare-link-not-playing-on-ipads to this one.

I can confirm that https://safeshare.tv/iosbug/single.php does play successfully in both Chrome and Safari on my test iPad. 



Whatever you did seemed to work, I'm watching Elmo with sound right now.  Is this something you have to do on your end or is it on my end?


Hi Diogo,

Here is what came up:

The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

The window is black with a white X over the play arrow/icon


Hi Linda,

Can you refresh the page and try again?

Hi Linda,

Really sorry to hear that this is happening to you.

One other user has also reported a similar issue but I'm still waiting for his feedback, so perhaps you can help me too.

Would you please try to play the video in the following page on the same iPads that are failing to play SafeShare videos?


Best Regards,

Diogo Alves @ SafeShare.TV