Video is restricted from viewing in this domain issue

Hi there, I just uploaded a couple of Mother's Day videos that our first graders created and when I enter the url, I can see the cover image but as soon as I click play, I get a black screen that says "This video is restricted from being viewed in this domain" Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. This is happening with both videos that I have uploaded in the past several days. Here is the link to one of them.https://safeshare.tv/x/KGxyH2kbnNA. I also tried adding the "?clean=1" to the end of the url which also did not work

Thanks for any help


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Hi Sara,

We experienced some technical issues yesterday which were resolved within less than an hour.

Please retry and let me know if everything's ok now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Diogo Alves @ SafeShare.TV