Embed Code still displays advertisement

Hello!  I'm trying to use the embed code to upload the video to my teacher website and it still displays ads while the video is playing. Please help!!!

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Was this ever resolved? My friend uses this for her class and every video she's played as ads. Last one played a birth control ad to 1st graders. 

Hi Jonathan,

We are very sorry, but unfortunately we had to change a few things due to YouTube.

However there's an easy fix for this (which unfortunately has to be done manually). If you append "?clean=1" to the end of a SafeShare.TV URL, it will work.

For example:




What it does is that it replaces the YouTube player by a clean one (no ads, no related videos, no YouTube logo, just the video).

Can you please give that a try in one of your SafeViews and let me know?


Best Regards,

Diogo Alves @ SafeShare.TV

Dear Erin,

Can you please share with me which code you have embeded in your website?

Sure.  This is the exact embed code (right clicked on the video in safeshare and chose copy embed code):

<iframe width="960" height="500" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Q-GLuydiMe4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>