Any way to hide Buttons below video?

I really appreciate this service. I use it to have students view YouTube videos from QR codes we create in our 1st grade classroom. Is there any way to hide/disable the YouTube/Twitter/Download buttons upon upload perhaps? I preferred the simplistic view that the older site provided. Could it be an option? 


I truly appreciate the free service you've provided and on behalf of my students and teachers, thank you.

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Worked great!  Wow, thank you for so promptly addressing my request! My staff and I greatly appreciate that.  


Kevin Smith

Dear Mr. Smith,

Your voice has been heard :-). 

You can hide buttons below video by checking the "Hide all buttons below video player" when creating a SafeView.

Can you please confirm if it works well for you?

I just noticed that option showing up today and I used it but it did not work. It still displayed the buttons.

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