Please remove videos from your webpage.

So glad to see you folks back up and running. The lack of a link to YouTube is a blessing. As a teacher, the point of using Safeshare.tv is to be able to share good videos without exposing the students to negative videos on Youtube. Now...why are you allowing recent videos to show on Safeshare.tv? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Please, please drop the videos. You would be the BEST resource of this kind for the educational market place if you do this. Thanks for your kind consideration of this request.

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Hi Diogo. The site is much more useable now, and I REALLY like the download feature. This is something that is unique to your site and could be very, very useful. At last look the YouTube link is still there. Again, once that is gone (along with the dating website commercials that seem to alway accompany clicking on that link), you will have a resource for educators around the world like none other. One that is desperately needed. Looking forward to that news. : )

As a teacher, I would totally love a version that was more child/student friendly. A School version would be wonderful. That being said, I would want to make sure that the hundreds of links I have already created with Safeshare would still work on the streamlined version. I would also like it if that version prevented students from clicking on the YouTube Logo that will route them directly to the original YouTube page. In my district, student accounts cannot reach YouTube. They can, however have access to all YouTube content if they enter through the SafeShare link. I wish that were not the case. More school districts would welcome the use of SafeShare.

I always create my links before sharing with students, putting my links on an onscreen page/document. That prevents the thumbnails coming up when I use the videos with students.

When I have been in the process of creating my collection of links (at home), I have come across some pretty inappropriate links. One was hard-core porn, and another was an actual beheading. When I saw the thumbnails, I clicked through to YouTube and reported them through the YouTube report link. I checked back the next day, and those videos had been deleted. 


I find this site/service to be of such help. I promote your site when I do Tech Workshops. Thank you SO MUCH for offering this gem.

Dear Karen Harris,

We have removed the "Most Recent Videos" and "Most Popular Videos" sections of our website. You should not see any more appropriate links/videos.

As for a more child/student-friendly version, we are studying several options (which might include a QR code for example), but we are not ready to release it yet. With that said, I'd like to ask you to be a little bit more patient on this matter. We are also trying to implement a custom video player that will not include any YouTube branding, so students cannot click on the YouTube Logo as you mentioned above.

Back to our first point of discussion: can you please confirm that you don't see any inappropriate links anymore?

I hope I didn't come across as impatient, as I really appreciate your site/service. I am impressed that you respond to users' concerns in such a responsive and timely manner. Thanks again.


OK. Very frustrated. Shifted all our videos back over to Safeshare, only to discover a link at the bottom of the page (without the videos showing) that brings the "Most Popular" videos up for the students. The first video was "Legal Tender" where a rather scary looking man has a young woman in her underwear up against a wall. His knife plays with her clothing before he fatally stabs her. 

REALLY?  It seems you folks are intent on not being suitable for use in education...or anywhere really. I was assuming that you'd fulfilled your version for educators/parents only. Please let me know if you ever do. 

Guess I call up Schooltube to see if they can facilitate us. Too bad. There's so much potential here for a company that gets it. 


Cannot use this site for students when there are scenes of violence and random videos showing up. Many parents will restrict this site (as they do YouTube) as well. Hoping you will soon have a site that has the functionality without the risk of offensive material. Thanks. : )

I have to say that I like the new layout but do not like that videos are shown on the main site. Especially that I went to the site now and most of the videos up there would not be appropriate for an elementary classroom. I would think that educators would be the main audience of safe share, wouldn't they? 

Would be great if the homepage could be blank.

Indeed. It's not like education is a small niche market these days. Whether it's primary students or Doctoral students, family or business, everyone needs to be able to play online videos without providing access/visibility to negative distractions. I think they are working on this Erin. It would be a great way to grow their market. Safeshare has the opportunity to be better than Pureview, but for now, Pureview (though it has its flaws too) is pretty much the only game in town for people like us. 

Hi Erin,

We have removed the videos that appeared on the homepage. Can you please confirm?

Dear Gord Holden,

Thank you very much for your suggestion. 

What if we create a version for educators/parents only?

THAT would be awesome Diogo. Educators desperately need to share video links with students that do no lead to porn, advertising, and other negative influences and images. Providing such a resource would grow your audience, and perhaps lead to a wider distribution of your general product.  

Please, please keep me in the loop. I present internationally regarding education and could/would certainly be able to promote SafeShare widely if it met our needs.

Thanks so much for getting back to me.

Gord Holden

Director of Immersive Technology,

Heritage Christian Online School,

Kelowna, Canada

That'd be great. I promote this site with my staff all of the time. I'm a district technology specialist. You provide a great service. How do you do it for free? Hope it stays that way. ;-)

Anyone else care to weigh in?

Thanks Stephanie for backing me up on this. Safeshare doesn't seem to know that they are on the verge of exponential growth if they can keep it sensitive to the needs of educators and parents that don't want their students/children exposed to random videos. Really, really hope Safeshare is listening.

I do agree with you. It defeats the purpose and I would like to see it removed as well.

SafeShare is awesome and we're grateful for your work.

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