Question about ownership rights

Hello, I am just wondering about the legality of using other people's videos on this site. It is my understanding that some YouTube-ers receive ad revenue from their videos being in YouTube. If we pull their videos out of YouTube and away from the ads, aren't they technically losing money? Do I need to get permission from video authors to create a safeshare link for their video? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi Kerriann,

The main purpose of SafeShare.TV is to watch only the videos without distractions. Understand how distractions, everything around the video like comments, other videos or advertisements are not related to the video.

We do not intend to stop publishers revenue or something like, it's just the opposite.

We add features to Youtube, offering a simple and direct way to watch videos, so that children, for example, can watch only the videos without downloading or the possibility of clicking on other places that could lead them to inappropriate content.

Indeed we just do exactly what youtube does with their videos. Without disctractions.

We use tools that own youtube makes available for developers.We dont remove the advertiments or manipulate the original video posted by Youtube. The audience and count views flows normally, as like you watch on youtube website.

I hope I have answered your questions and I'm waiting for your SafeShares soon.


Best Regards,
José Proença @ SafeShate.TV