Secure School Subdomains

You're welcome to do this for free, but the following could be a money-maker for you and fill a real need...

What if you made available the ability to sign-up for subdomains on SafeShare? Here's how I see it:

1. Each school/business would have it's own subdomain (e.g. harvard.safeshare.tv). This would allow school filters to whitelist content from/to that subdomain while blocking the main site and other subdomains. 

2. Those generating SafeView videos for a safeshare subdomain would need to be securely logged-in, and each school would have control over which users had the permissions to generate SafeView videos. Ideally, these permissions for SafeView generating could be synced with already created groups of teachers in Active Directory and Google Apps. Each generated SafeView page would also list the generator, providing further accountability.

3. Within each domain there could a Browse section where teachers list SafeViews by topic; these SafeViews could also be searchable by teachers who are logged-in to their subdomain.

Thanks for considering this!

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Hi A.U.,

Thank you for the awesome suggestion. We do indeed have plans to have something very similar to this. It'll be named "Organization accounts", and one of the features will be the subdomains.

Thanks for the tip with the AD/Gapps sync, that could be very useful indeed.

By the way, would you like to help us out with Beta testing the future version of SafeShare? It'll include the "log in" area you've mentioned in the other topic.

I'd love to try the Beta! I'm a little guy in my current organization, so I may not be able test out every facet, but I think I could provide helpful feedback nonetheless. Thanks!