How do I cite a SafeShare video in MLA?

I don't have the original video URL and need to teach students to cite their work in MLA.  How do you instruct students to cite their sources?

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Diogo - I need to teach students how to cite their sources - for whatever video they are using. Since they will be using many different videos, I need to know how to teach them to get the original source information.  

Thank you.

Yes!  That's it.  Thank you.  I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Angie,

Can you please send us the SafeView URL so that we can extract the original video information?

Jose- Thanks for your research, I guess I didn't make the problem clear.  We use EasyBib and I know how to teach MLA citations.  

The problem is, SafeShare blocks the original source, so there is no way for students to include author, publisher, date, etc.  All the students have access to is SafeShare information.  Is there a way for SafeShare to work around this?

Right, I think understand now,

If you have the original youtube link, it solve your needs?

I will see what can be do to work around this.

Keep in touch. I back soon

Best Regards,

José Proença @ SafeShare.TV

Hi Jose.  I need to teach students to cite their sources and many of our teachers use SafeShare TV.  This is a general request so we can teach students ethical behavior online.


Angie Morris


Unfortunately I'm not an expert about this.

However, searching on the web I found some articles about MLA7


and MLA8



As bonus, I let the brazilian ABNT suggestions about videos and web contents


and here 



I think which the most important parts are Author (if showed on comment), Title, the weblink and date of access.


I hope this help you. Let me know if I can help more.


Best Regards.

José Proença @ Safeshare.TV

Hello Angela,

Do you need some video in particular?

Send me the SafeShare link and I will help you.


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José Proença @ SafeShare.TV