Speed Guide to Short Division

Hi SafeShare community.

I have an issue. I spent ages making my Speed Guide to Short Division, which I just saw is on SafeShare. I am an occasional teacher in Canada, and I don't make a lot of money. I have monetized this film on YouTube and while I can tell you it is NOT lucrative, I am really enjoying seeing how many people find my film useful.

I am happy, of course, that you think my video is good enough to put up here, but I would rather have been asked for my permission first, and I wasn't. If people download it here, the penny of revenue I might get doesn't arrive. To be honest, I would rather you just directed people to my little YouTube channel to see it there. Then that way I really know how many people around the world are watching.  

I am happy to share it, that's why I put it up on YouTube, but I want to share on the forum of my choice, which is YouTube. I would ask people to please view it there and hit the thumbs up button if you like it. It means a lot to me to get that input from people. And I ALWAYS answer every comment too. 

Thanks very much,


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Dear Ginny Steele,

If your video is on SafeShare, it is because someone has created a SafeView of it. Users submit their videos, not us.

However, if you'd like to see your video removed from SafeShare, please send us the URL of the video and we'll gladly delete it from our database.

Kind Regards,

Diogo @ SafeShare

One last thing... I should also say that I only allow the skippable ads at the beginning of one of my films. I can't STAND those banner ads that pop up all over the screen; there's no way I will have them on my stuff. YouTube ads only come up SOMETIMES, not all the time, and you only have to sit there for 5 seconds before you can skip them on my channel. Sometimes, the ads are thought-provoking and interesting - educational ones seem to appear on my stuff and that's cool with me. 

Just sayin'.