Video's not playing on iPads - through Content Filter

I have a teacher trying using to Safeshare.tv videos with her students - they are using a QR reader to launch the videos from ipads and all they get is a black screen. Youtube is blocked by the content filter - is there a way around this ? 

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Could you make a test? Append "?clean=1" param on safeshare link.

Something like this: https://safeshare.tv/x/ssabcdefgh?clean=1

It will try to get video from another url (if possible)

If works, you just need take the QR again (with the param now).


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José Proença @ SafeShare.TV


We tried that and it still didn't work. Also recreating all of the QR codes is not really an option at this point for the teacher - she has too many of them all printed up & laminated for her students

Same here. Monitoring our filter shows access attempt on YouTube itself, which is blocked.