embedding safeshare on schoology?

Hello! Thank you so much for creating this tool. I use it exclusively to show and share videos with my elementary grade students. Our school uses Schoology as our learning management system. I posted a link to a SafeShare video hosted via YouTube on one of my Schoology courses but the ad showed up in front of the video!! So bummed!! Do you know why this happened? :(


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Diogo, thank you SO much! It worked without a hitch! I'll remember to look for that suffix to future SafeShare.TV URLs. I <3 SafeShare!!

Hi Rose,

That's awesome!

Please note that the suffix is only temporary. You will need to add it manually for the time being, but we intend to make it automatic.

SafeShare loves you too.

Thanks for following up on this issue. Have the best week ever!


I think it did! Thank you for troubleshooting this! I'll check back with you on Tuesday if something weird happens. Gracias!!


Please let me know regardless. Have an awesome weekend!

Hi Rose,

Can you point me to the SafeShare URL of this video?


Does it have to do with the students accessing the link via Schoology? Does it have to do with the students using their iPads?

De nada :-)

I have an easy fix for you, but you have to do it manually. If you append "?clean=1" to the end of a SafeShare.TV URL, it will work.

For example:




What it does is that it replaces the YouTube player by a clean one (no ads, no related videos, no YouTube logo, just the video). Then, you just need to change the URL in Schoology and it should pick up the right video player.

Can you please give that a try in one of your SafeViews and let me know?

P.S.: This is just temporary, we intend to make the fix be applied automatically.