Invalid URL Error

Safeshare is not generating an url for my youtube video. I get the error messge invalid URL?? I tried on my ipad and desktop PC and get "invalid URL" error on both. What changed between last week and today? I last used it last friday.

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yes works great! thanks for your help


Are you able to create any SafeViews now?

Dear Tracy,

The reason why this error was happening is because our platform is not accepting "youtu.be" links, such as the one you sent.

However, if you use the URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd6sv_xxwhg instead, which is for the same video, SafeShare will accept it and successfully create a Safeview.

Please bear this in mind when creating Safeviews within the next few days, we will take the necessary measures to get SafeShare to start accepting youtu.be links. Sorry for the inconvenience.


it is an unlisted youtube video. I use safeshare everyday for our school news. thanks!

Dear Tracy Steffan,

Can you please send me the URL you've tried to use?