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I am writing on behave of one of my teachers who has purchased the QR Scanner codes for Audio Books.  The teacher has issued complaints suggesting the network, and or iPads are not working because for the most part, the video just spins with long pauses instead of playing seamlessly.  My team has investigated thoroughly and have determined the issue appears to be originating with the use of Safeshare.tv itself.  

For comparison, we can load the same video in YouTube (going to youtube directly and searching for the book/video via the title) and it will play just fine, with very limited pauses.  In fact, the YouTube video from YouTube itself will complete playing the video while the safeshare.tv has yet to get through 1/3 of the video.  We've duplicated this on two different days, with different video titles.
Please advise why Safeshare.tv is not working, or if it actually works.  Perhaps, too many schools/teachers are trying to utilize all at the same time and safeshare is having server issues.

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Yes, the video quality appears to be the same irregardless of which site is used for playing the video.  Eventually the video completes with safeshare, but it takes quite a bit longer.  It actually appears to be somewhat hit and miss with safeshare.  Sometimes the videos will play through without difficulty but sometimes they won't.  Either way, when playing with YouTube the stream goes much quicker and when safeshare is having difficulty playing, YouTube always seems to be able to play with little issue in comparison.

Yes, all are iPad mini Gen2's.  

Thanks for the update Dan.

You've mentioned that the video is played in full when watching via YouTube, but only one third when watching via SafeShare.TV.

Can you please clarify if the video quality on SafeShare.TV and in YouTube.com itself is the same?

Hi Dan,

Are all iPads the same model?

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Diogo Alves @ Safeshare