SafeShare.tv link in Blackboard apps

I created a SafeShare.tv link today and shared it in Blackboard as a web link. My students use the BB Student and the BB Mobile apps and when they try to open the link it gives them a blocked site message. They can get to the link using their PhotonEDU web browser but I want to share the link in Blackboard as it is a part of an assignment.

Is SafeshareTV compatible within the Blackboard mobile apps?



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Dear Amy,

I'm afraid that you will have to ask that question to the BlackBoard support team. On our end we have no restrictions at all. As long as you have a browser, SafeShare should work without any hiccups.

Best Regards,

Diogo Alves @SafeShare.TV

I have created a ticket in Blackboard to see what they can do. They asked me if I had contacted you so I let them know I had. I hope that they can get this resolved.


Have you ever had anyone with an issue showing the Safeshare links in Blackboard and getting a blocked message?





Hi Amy,

No, not that I remember. Maybe some other users might have had a similar issue but contacted Blackboard directly.

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