Safeshare nto working after I saved a ton of links

Help! I am an elementary teacher and I have saved many links on safeshare. I tested them and they worked then during my class when my students clicked on them they all come up with "An Error occurred. Please try again later. Learn more". What makes them work when I test them then go bad when it's time for my students to use them? I'm over a barrel because all my videos in the lesson are safeshare - no plan B. Can you fix it?

Here are a couple of children's author Mo Willems



thank you

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The links are working now. I don't understand what you said about replacing the v for a w. The links have a v and they work. Should I replace the v with a w when they don't work?

Thank you

No, Just the w route is legacy route. And the V is New route. But today there are not diffences. 

Thankyou about your reply. Soon we Will have more (good ) news.

S Camp,

I haven't heard from you for a while. Can you please confirm if the issue has been fixed on your end?

Dear S Camp,

This issue should be fixed now.

Please replace the v for a w in the links. E.g: http://safeshare.tv/v/ss5624e9d02a8d1 turns into http://safeshare.tv/w/ss5624e9d02a8d1 .

Can you please confirm?

Hello S Camp
I will check these videos and feedback as soon as possible.

Thank you for your feedback.