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I have read through the FAQ but still cannot find how to search for videos to watch on SafeShare. I don't want to post them. I just want to search for and watch them.

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I'm sorry but enabling searching is a very bad idea. If students could search the site for videos, students would start to use this site to share and view unsafe videos. Please do not allow searching. Teachers can search YouTube and then quickly and easily post/share videos here; a search function would only force some schools to block this site.

Hi A.U.,

Thank you very much for your feedback. 

You have a very valid point, and we also thought about that. In fact, the only reason why we haven't enabled search yet is because we have the same concern as yours. 

Do you have any ideas as to how we could allow search without potential safety exploits? We thought about maybe blocking search results based on suggestive/explicit words (sort of a word filter) , but this could be easily bypassed in our opinion. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards 

Diogo Alves @ SafeShare

Thank you for the response and information. As you already understand, searching is a very tricky subject. Part of me thinks the request for searching might just be coming from students who do not need / should not have the function anyway; the process you've created is already quick and easy. If the concern is using too many new address urls, you could have a search for already created SafeShares by the video's url, but part of the beauty of your site includes customizing settings like start times and "hide all buttons", which will be different per teacher. Having a save and/or history for those who log-in, and then allowing search within one's own saved videos should be fine, but searching all of YouTube or SafeShare for videos is too dangerous. Thanks.

Alright, thanks for the feedback.

Regarding what you said about logging in, we're actually already working on that.

Thanks Diogo!

Btw I posted this idea just now that is on the topic: https://vitzo.helprace.com/i218-secure-school-subdomains

Just commented it :-)

Welcome M A.

We are working on it right now. Soon the news will arrive.

Thank You for your feedback.